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Art Studio 85 Walt Whitman RECAP

Our exhibition at the Walt Whitman Museum features the artistic styles of all of our artists, the spoken word of Mark Karwoski and George Wallace and the music of Vernon McAuley and Martin Loyato.


You sometimes have to wait, take deep breathes, and control all types of anger or emotion even when you are the victim of a horrible cruel inhuman act. The tides will eventually turn. Karma will find it's way. For now, my hands are tied and...

Aftermath: the toughest 2 weeks of my life

The toughest 2 weeks of my life and a study of time, space and movement.

Art Studio 85 as seen by Art Studio 85

In the evening of an exhibition in Islip, sometimes terrible restaurant decisions are made!

Art Studio 85 (Aydin)

The Art Studio 85 secret weapon.

This is what we do!

Once a week, as a release of spirit and mind, the artists of Art Studio 85 come together to create, share ideas and have a good time!

Un Chien Andalou at the Roger Smith Hotel Rooftop after Tommolino Solo Exhibition

The evening was alot warmer than it appears in this video. However, this 30 sec. bit does capture the mood of of that night.

4222 Studio Visits: Tommolino pt.1 (The Holographic Universe)

Tommolino said that he would let me do the studio visit under two circumstances: one, that we drink a bottle of fine brandy together, two, we play...

Countdown to Soularium Exhibition @ The Roger Smith Hotel

Works are selected by John Knowles and Aleks Dygtarev (Marlo) to be hung in the Penthouse "Soularium" of the Roger Smith Hotel this July 22nd. Information regarding an opening to the general public will follow.

Renowned art dealer Molly Barnes telling me to "shut my mouth"

Renowned art dealer and curator Molly Barnes (Peter Max, Roy Lichtenstein, William De Kooning) gives me and Ed Adler tips on "closing the deal" on art sales and while you're at it, "shut your mouth".

upcoming Roger Smith Solo Exhibition

This is the new space created for events at the Penthouse of the Roger Smith Hotel where I will be exhibiting new and old works this July!!!!! I found this out yesterday. 7/7/09

4222 Studio Visits: Tommolino pt.2 (The Other Self)

I remember one night I had my camera with me at one of Pedros parties. Damon was playing on a stand up piano and singing. He looked like he was a...

Molly Barnes holding Machinations

Renowned art dealer Molly Barnes (Peter Max, Roy Lichtenstein, William De Kooning) is holding "Machinations" (an original Tommolino) and giving tips on who buys art.

Eye on the Prize

Like Romulus and Remus, our friend and artist, Richard Ritter, was abandoned at a very young age. Instead of being raised by a wild wolf and later becoming the founding father of ancient Rome, Richard Ritter was taken in by Studio...

Art Studio 85- where we make stuff

From the remains of a former group called Chimera (and a few new add-ons), emerges a new 2009 work space at the home of Peter Haughwoout (friend/artist). Peter is an accomplished sculptor/painter who shares his 20'x30' studio with...

4222 Studio Visits: Tommolino pt.3 (Its All about the Queen or Queen gets her Color)

Ill just say it once and then we can all forget about this. Behind every man, this time there being two, there is a great woman. Thats it, now to...

Toast/Fresh Connection

Breakfast, art and live music. You have to love Teddy, Rob and Allen and what they have done for Port Jefferson, NY. Toast Coffee House....&....The Fresh Art Group.....a great place!

Molly Barnes says "don't get drunk" at openings.

Molly Barnes suggests "don't get drunk" at openings. Isn't this breaking the 1st and 2nd rules of Art Studio 85?

Molly Barnes Way or the Highway

Internationally renowned art dealer Molly Barnes (Peter Max, Roy Lichtenstein, William DeKooning) tells me how to "Close the Deal" on an artsale during an opening reception.