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4222 Studio Visits: Tommolino pt.1 (The Holographic Universe)

Tommolino said that he would let me do the studio visit under two circumstances: one, that we drink a bottle of fine brandy together, two, we play chess. Being an obligatory creature I had no objections to Damons clauses. Then he smiled. Thats what Damon Tommolino is like: a morsel of truth encased in an even finer casing of truth, which is always humor, the heart of the Universe. There was an even more exacting truth all of this that I was aware of. If I stood to produce any coherent work myself I would need to seek out the visionary eye of somebody who I trusted. Thats where Abi Prince came in. Abi is a Panman Production colleague, but more importantly a visionary filmmaker and editor that I knew could handle the surreal nature of this encounter. Regardless we were not about to take any chances so Damon made sure to keep filling Abis glass with fine African Shiraz. What was recorded that evening was the delicate, unadulterated, result(s) of the incident of three artists coming together to make sense of the world around them through each others eyes.

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