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4222 Studio Visits: Tommolino pt.2 (The Other Self)

I remember one night I had my camera with me at one of Pedros parties. Damon was playing on a stand up piano and singing. He looked like he was a world onto himself. Like a moth to light I whipped out my camera and began filming him. I dont think he knew at that time. Later he asked if I had the footage of that night. Sure I did. Damon laughed. The synesthisthetic events of an artist existence are perfectly matched with the color of music. Are the colors coordinated with the notes? There is very much a musical composition that Damon is painting. Every time, every canvas there is rhythm, there is tonality. Some are solo performances and in others there is an entire orchestra playing. When you look you can see the sound, you can hear the color. That is a relevant accomplishment.

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