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4222 Studio Visits: Tommolino pt.3 (Its All about the Queen or Queen gets her Color)

Ill just say it once and then we can all forget about this. Behind every man, this time there being two, there is a great woman. Thats it, now to the main program. Damon, like the line he employs so masterfully in his paintings and sculptures has a tenderness to him. He paints it how he wants it to be. There is a softness to a very harsh exacting structure. There is a cradle for the universe that is not asleep, as maybe you would want it to be. Damon will be the first to admit the aesthetic polarity of his own workings, be they inner and outer. For one thing, he is not a person who is at all afraid, but at the same time he is one of the most hospitable and inviting blokes: who has allowed me the pleasure of dreaming on their couch.

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